Staglins are a family that enjoys wine and cares deeply about philanthropy. Each person in our family, Shari, Garen, Brandon and Shannon, works together to make our motto, “great wines for great causes,” a reality. The wines they make is a not only a passion in itself but also a means to make the world a better place. Since 1986 Shari and Garen have been focused on producing the finest wine possible from the estate. With severe thinning and organic viticultural practices their annual production is less than 7,000 cases. It is one of the largest single vineyards owned by a family without any other partners or outside investors. Today, Staglin makes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sangiovese. They are proud of our ability to turn wine into good deeds through the many important charities they support. They have formed a public non-profit organization, the The Staglin Music Festival for Mental Health, which has raised over $53 million for mental health research. Two of our own wines further contribute to the cause, with the profits from Salus Cabernet and Salus Chardonnay sales underwriting 100% of the costs of the Music Festival.