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Wines of 2012

May 20, 2013 12:53:15 PM


2012 was tour de la wine year. I travelled more in the European wine country in 2012 than in the past 5 years and loved every bit of it. My travels took me to Spain, Germany and Italy. I also got to try some exciting wines in 2012. Some with my collector friends and some with my wine maker friends! The best part of these wines were the memories and the setting in which we tried them….as I always believe, most of the time you enjoy the wines not just because of the wine alone but the company and the ambience that makes the memory a long lasting one.


Champagne Krug, Grand Cuvee, Brut, NV


I love champagne and Krug is one of the top houses in the world. I always wanted to have one but never really got the opportunity. So when my friend decided to open one, it was an occasion to cherish. The champagne lived up to its super reputation. Biscuit nose, which comes from long ageing in bottle and a balance on the palate, which was unlike any champagne I have tried, are still etched in my memory. The length was forever. A must try for any champagne lover. As they say…there is champagne and then there is Krug!


Chateau Latour, Paulliac, 1997


To drink a first growth Bordeaux is for immortals, not mere mortals like us. But when you are invited to drink one, all you do is nod and drop everything to be there. That’s exactly what I did. The Diwali could never have been better as one of our friends decided to open 2 vintages of Latour - 1997 and 1993. The first was a 1997….the nose was haunting, with dark fruit, leather, roses, and many other things that I could not put my finger to. The palate was equally amazing, complex, fine tanning and great length. Then came the 1993…compared to 1997 it was a baby, full of fruit and lovely complexity, it still had a few years to go to reach its full potential. 1997 however was a clear winner at least for that night!


St. Urbans-Hof, Leiwener Laurentiuslay, Riesling Auslese, 1971


When you are in Mosel, which is one of the most beautiful wine countries in the world and being invited to a barbeque by one of the most exciting producers of German Riesling then you are in for a joy ride. Celebrating one of our friends birthday that evening, Nik Weis the owner of St. Urbans-Hof opened the 1978 the year our friend was born, this followed the 1975, another friends birth year and then finally 1971 which was Nik’s year! Auslese are known to be sweet wines, which can age forever.  However with age (41 years) the sweetness had drastically reduced and complexity took a whole new dimension. Whoever thinks that white wines can’t age, this wine will put all your doubt to rest. Ofcourse you have to know Nik first as this one came straight from his private collection. What a treat!


Gramona, III Lustrous, Cava, 2006


If you think that Champagne is the be all end all in sparkling wine world then you got to try the Gramona III Lustrous Cava. It will shatter all your myths. It was the best sparkling I have tried this year along with Champagne Krug and Champagne Billecart Salmon. The Cava has amazing yeasty and biscuity nose, which I am a huge fan of. The complexity of this wine on the nose was outstanding. The balance and finesse was something so unexpected out of Cava that I was struck. A sparkling that I would choose over Champagne any day!

Ets, Thenuvin, Bad Boy, Bordeaux, 2009


You come across a wine once in a while, which catches your attention, imagination and fascination. Bad Boy did it for me. A 100% merlot from Bordeaux, the wine has a lovely bouquet, fruit forward with soft tannins, full bodied and a long finish. More importantly it had a very catchy label and a superb story to compliment the wine. I decided there and then in Hong Kong that this wine needs to be in our list and so it has!

Bernhard Huber, Spatburgunder, Alte Reben Baden, 2008


Pinot Noir are the most difficult red grape varietal to make. But Bernhard Huber is at the top of it game making world class Pinot in Germany’s baden region…oh yes you heard me correct…Germany and not Burgundy! I always wanted to try them and then I got the opportunity during my travel to Germany. The pinot was amazing. Delicate, complex nose, lovely balance, a long finish and a something that was totally unexpected from a Germany red wine known for it famous Rieslings. Again a must try for pinot fans!


Now off to exploring some new wines in 2013!