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Wine Basics

Wine Basics

    Increase your Wine Vocab Wine Tasting are fun, aren’t they?! But ask us and we’ll tell you that they can also be very tricky! Posted : Feb 03, 2014

  • Wine & Food Pairing Basics Now we all know the age old rule of pairing red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat. While that does apply as a simple thumb rule, a lot many other factors go into pairing wine and food. Discover them here! Posted : Dec 06, 2013

  • Get to Know Sparkling Italian Wine Let’s be honest here, if you’re not confused with all the different Italian wines then you are either: a) a professional sommelier OR b) an Italian. Posted : Nov 16, 2013

  • Know the different Types of Wines Confused about all the types of wines that are there in this world? Does your head swirl just to think about it? Then read on. Posted : Oct 10, 2013

  • How to read a Wine Label? So, you’re in the wine store and you want to buy something new. You have nothing to go by besides the label. Will the label tell you everything you need to know? Well, there are a million caveats and exceptions, but here are 7 things you need to look out for. Posted : Oct 10, 2013

  • Selecting Glassware Wine in paper cups at parties or picnics or the generous tumblers at your local wine bar are all good. But what if selecting the correct wine glass was as important in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Read on and find out! Posted : Aug 12, 2013

  • How to taste wine? Want to learn how to taste the wine sample the Sommelier at your favourite restaurant pours before you buy the wine? Want to learn how to taste wine like a professional? You’ve come to the right place. Posted : Aug 05, 2013

  • Serving Wine at the Correct Temperature Ever wondered why red wine is to be served at room temperature or white wine to be served chilled? Ever been to a restaurant and not enjoyed the red wine because it was served a little too warm? Posted : Aug 05, 2013

  • Glossary of Wine Terms Glossary of Wine Terms : From ‘A’ for Acidity to ‘Z’ for Zinfandel Posted : Aug 05, 2013