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Wine Kart makes wine knowledge accessible, easy to understand and fun to read. With information available on wine basic, countries, regions and grapes, we have covered almost everything that you would like to know about wines in our Wine 101 section.

Our All Wines section has a wide range of wines with detailed tasting notes, ratings, wine style, their stories and much more. Wine Kart’s wine selection is based on only 3 factors – wines come from boutique family owned producers, wines are terroir driven and not generic and finally they are made stylish and passionately by dynamic wine makers who live and breath wine.

Wine storage is becoming increasing necessary and popular in India due climatic conditions. Good unopened bottles of wine can spoil over a time period if not store properly. Hence we have selected a stylish range of wine storage units from 25 bottles up to 72 bottles, which can be found in the Accessories section. Also a good bottle of wine needs a good wine glass and sometimes a decanter to be best enjoyed. Wine Kart provides information on some of the best glassware and decanters, which complement your wines perfectly.

You can find interesting article on wines written by wine makers, bloggers, chefs and wine enthusiast in our Blog section. Wine events happening across the cities can be found and also booked in the Events section. Finally for more information on the wineries and their stories you can access the Wine Stories sections.

Enjoy browsing, learning and sharing our passion about wines with your friends.